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How the Right Weston Painter can Transform Your Home

Masterpiece Painter Can Merge Architectural Styles with Your Humble Weston Home

Weston, MA, is home to many different historic architectural styles. They range from Colonial, the first New England design to gain momentum in 1650, to the more recent Colonial Revival taking center stage in 1880. Each preserved style continues to stretch across the 17.3 square miles of Weston land, much to the joy of the Weston Historical Society and residents alike.

Are you looking to maintain your historic home or bring it back to life with a fresh coat of paint? At Masterpiece Painter, our Weston painters spent the last 17 years completing over 2,000 projects in your area.

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What a Masterpiece Painter Can Do for Your Weston, MA, Walls

Our Exterior Colors Preserve Weston, MA, Tradition

If you want to maintain the historic look of your Weston home, you first need to understand your home’s style. If you have a Colonial house, either add a fresh coat of your existing color for vibrancy or choose from another color that will match the style. Choose from our many subtle earth tones like reddish-brown, white, beige, or yellow to preserve the Colonial look.

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Modern Home Among the Trees

Weather-Resistant Exterior Paint in Weston, MA

Weston homes see 3.2 to 4.3 inches of rain monthly alongside sea levels on the rise, which lead to seasonal flooding. Up to 13.6 inches of snowfall every January and around 15 hours of hot sunlight during the summer also strip paint of its luster and durability. Whether it’s latex or high-gloss finishes, our weather-resistant paint will keep your home looking great year-round.

Unique Interior Paints for Your Weston Home

To bring your home back to its former glory, we’ll help you determine the proper color scheme depending on your architectural style. If you have Queen Anne architecture, one of the most predominant styles in Weston, stick to blacks, rich browns, bright reds, and vibrant yellows to accompany your wood trim.

Our experienced Weston painter team will work diligently, matching your home’s present appearance to the period from which it originated.

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Our Knowledge of Interior Finishes Are Second to None in Weston, MA

Our experienced painters help you consider your colors and finishes carefully. For instance, more vibrant colors may be best suited for a child’s bedroom or playroom, while calmer reds and blues fit your adult bedrooms better. Stain-resistant finishes also improve the longevity of your paint job in the kitchen and kid’s rooms.