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Get professional help with a painting project in Wellesley, MA, by reaching out to our team at Masterpiece Painter! A highly-skilled Wellesley painter can help you with interior or exterior painting, positively changing the appearance of your home or business.

Our team puts our years of experience and training into each job we commit to in Wellesley. Find out more about how we can handle your painting project by reaching out to us at 877-871-0190.

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We Support the Community in Wellesley

While the town of Wellesley did not officially form under that name until 1881, residents have lived in the area since the 1630s, when the city was considered part of Dedham and then Needham. Our team is proud to provide service to property owners in areas throughout the city of 29,000 people, including:

Contact us any time to learn more about the services we offer the Wellesley community.

Let Us Help with All Your Painting Needs

Our painting services cover both interior and exterior painting. Our highly-trained crews have the experience to take on commercial and residential jobs, allowing us to meet your needs. In addition to painting walls and ceilings, we take care of cabinets and other fixtures on your property.

We take every paint job we accept seriously, regardless of how big or small it appears. We handle each job in Wellesley in several stages, as explained below.


Our team works closely with you to determine precisely what you want from your painting project. We’ll help you decide on the colors and finishes you want, creating an aesthetic for your home or business that matches your personal taste.

Pantone with paint tins and paint brush
painter with paint tins and paint brush


A Masterpiece business or house painter in Wellesley, MA, does not simply throw a few coats of paint on your property and walk away. We begin by:

Once we have everything ready, we begin the painting process.


Generally, each paint job requires us to apply several coats of paint. We’ll discuss the timeline for painting with you before we begin your project in Wellesley. After the paint dries, we perform an inspection to make sure everything turned out correctly.

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Colonial home in suburbs

Cleaning Up

Our crews finish each job by cleaning up any mess on your property. We remove the cloths and plastic coverings and replace any furniture we moved to complete the project.