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Finding the Right Wayland Painter for Your Home

Masterpiece Painter Can Preserve Your Historic Wayland Home

Living in Wayland, MA, you understand the meaning of historic preservation. At the heart of Middlesex County, Wayland centers on the architectural charm of the past two centuries, mainly focusing on the Greek Revival and Federal periods. From private homes to civic buildings preserved in the Wayland Center Historic District, each structure holds onto history dating as far back as 1714.

Being a resident in Wayland means doing your part to maintain the unique history of this Massachusetts town.

Count on Wayland painters from Masterpiece Painter to upkeep your home’s historical value by calling 877-871-0190 today!

large two story blue gray house with wood and vinyl siding

Trust Masterpiece Painter with Your Wayland, MA, Walls

When you trust our Wayland painters to transform your walls, we carefully consider the style of your home and neighborhood before starting work. With years of experience and knowledge of the different Wayland architectural styles, we can easily alter your Greek Revival look, for instance, from its neutral colors like grey, tan, and white.

A Wide Range of Paint Shade

To keep in tune with your house’s architectural origins, discuss proper color schemes with your Wayland planning department. Our team will then help you decipher which of the chosen colors will bring out the natural beauty of your home. We guarantee your home’s new aesthetics will increase its historical value in Wayland, voted #2 on “Best Suburbs to Live in Massachusetts.”

Pantone Colors
Town Hall Exterior Paint
15 Years of Wayland Experience

At Masterpiece Painter, we’ve been helping your neighbors maintain or recreate the historical home of their dreams for almost 15 years. We understand all the Wayland structural styles, and we refuse to jeopardize it with a speedy or inconsistent paint job.

Weather-Resistant Exterior Painting

A Wayland painter should also acknowledge Wayland’s recently changing weather. More than ever, the residents are now seeing higher water levels, mostly from seasonal storms.

With rainfall ranging between 3.2 and 4.3 inches each month, which can fade paint, 17-degree January lows that chips paint, and 82-degree highs that peel paint, you need a Wayland painter that has the right finishes for you. Whether you choose a latex finish with a matte look or a high-gloss reflective overcast, we’ll make sure your home’s exterior paint stands the test of time against the elements.

House Paint Exterior
Dining room in new construction home
Our Stain-Resistant Indoor Finishes

We also provide interior painting services in Wayland. If you have a little one who takes their creativity to the walls or a messy cook who leaves the kitchen splattered with food, wipe our stain-resistant paint finishes clean with a moist towel to reveal the vibrant colors. We’ll also help you determine which finishes bring out each color the best.