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Concord is arguably one of the most important historical cities in New England. Between the notable North Bridge battle and Thoreau’s Walden Pond inspiration, many significant events have taken place here. Plus, our buildings reflect this rich history.

Because of Concord’s background, the Historic Districts Commission (HDC) regulates many paint jobs to maintain the integrity of our city’s past.

When completing a home or business renovation, you must choose knowledgeable painting contractors who will follow these regulations.

If you’re looking for a Concord painter who is well-versed in HDC guidelines or can help your building match Concord’s ambiance, contact Masterpiece Painters. We can help you decide on a suitable painting plan, complete it promptly, and give you a fair price.

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How to Choose the Right Concord Painters

Both residential and commercial locations in Concord must either follow HDC guidelines or at least match the neighborhood in which they’re located. An experienced painting company should know how to best advise you based on the architecture of your home or business and the neighborhood.

Whether your location is modern or traditional, you can call the team at Masterpiece Painter for help deciding on a style. Our friendly Concord painters are always willing to discuss your options and help you choose the best interior or exterior color scheme.

What Colors Are Best for a Home or Business in Concord, MA?

Many of Concord’s neighborhoods have vintage architecture. Therefore, the paint scheme that you choose should follow a muted color story on the walls of both the exteriors and interiors of your property.

If your business or home is more modern, you should consider a sleek scheme with whites, grays, and bold accent colors. You can also contemplate more mood-based colors in a contemporary design. Some colors showcase professionalism, while others give off “good vibes.”

You’ll also want to think about the finish itself when electing a color scheme. There are many options to choose from, such as:

Each paint finish will change the appearance of the colors you decide on, making them brighter, classier, or more appealing. You can discuss which finish is best for residential and commercial spaces with Masterpiece Painter.

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The Masterpiece Painter Guarantee

Beyond our painting services, our team of Masterpiece Concord painters guarantees:

Whether you need cabinet, interior or exterior painting, outdoor deck and fence painting or staining, Masterpiece Painter can help.