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Smile Mass

SMILE Mass is a non-profit dedicated to providing handicap accessible vacation rentals for families with special needs children. Our first project will be on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Handicap Accessible Vacation Properties

After the long winter months, vacation is probably something many of us find ourselves daydreaming about. Families who have children with disabilities may not think a vacation is even possible for them because of all the accommodations their child may need, which many hotels and vacation homes do not provide.

SMILE Mass (Small Miracles in Life Exist) is a non-profit dedicated to providing handicap accessible vacation rentals for children with multiple disabilities and their families throughout the United States with our first project in the Cape and the Islands area of Massachusetts.

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SMILE Mass will offer state-of-the-art services to accommodate as many families as possible. We will also provide staffing with different expertise such as nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc. By maintaining specialized staffing as well as facilities that meet Universal Design Standards, the transition for families from home to vacation will be as natural a transition as possible. SMILE Mass will strive to become widely known as the leading resource for handicap accessibility in vacation homes.

SMILE Mass was started by Lotte Diomede and Susan Brown, both of whom have special needs children. We know how challenging it can be to go on vacation with children with multiple disabilities. We will create properties that we would like to go to on vacation and we would be proud to invite others to visit.

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